Praise Cruz! Texas Senator takes aim at Big Tech, proposes Sec. 230 reform and antitrust action against extreme censorship

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is leading the fight against the evil tech giants (YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter) which are universally engaged in politically-motivated censorship, de-platforming and shadowbanning. In a Senate hearing yesterday, Sen. Cruz confronted the tech giants with the truth about their dishonest censorship practices. As part of the hearing, he proposed three solutions to rein in the tech platforms that almost everyone agrees are out of control, “rogue” corporations engaged in election meddling, politically-motivated censorship and fraudulent business practices.

“The Texas Republican suggested that they could amend Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which regulates social media companies such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter as neutral platforms,” reports Breitbart News.

Breitbart specifically points out the insanity of how Big Tech is censoring independent views on vaccines and vaccine dangers, writing:

For instance, Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram decided to define the “truthiness” on the alleged dangers of vaccines and subsequently banned anti-vaccine content on their platforms.

Further, Facebook decided to ban “white nationalist” and “white separatist” content on their platforms, even though they continue to allow content from Antifa and other controversial groups on their platforms.

Sen. Cruz explained why the tech giants have forfeit their Sec. 230 immunity and should no longer enjoy legal protections, saying, “If Big Tech wants to be partisan and political speakers it has that right, but it has no entitlement to a special immunity from liability under Section 230 that the New York Times doesn’t enjoy, that the Washington Post doesn’t enjoy, that nobody else enjoys except for Big Tech.”

Sen. Cruz also proposed using the power of the federal government’s antitrust laws to address Big Tech’s anticompetitive behavior and monopolistic business practices. In Cruz’s own words:

The second potential avenue for Big Tech is antitrust laws. Applying the antitrust laws is complicated but by any standard measure, the big tech companies are larger and more powerful than the Standard Oil was when it was broken up. They’re larger and more powerful than AT&T when it was broken up, and if we have tech companies using their monopoly to censor political speech, I think that raises real antitrust issues.

Sen. Cruz correctly exposes the FRAUD being committed every day by Facebook, Twitter, Google and other tech platforms

Finally, Sen. Cruz also pointed out how the tech giants are committing fraud by falsely claiming users have free speech while covertly shadowbanning (or overtly de-platforming) users whose speech “offends” the radical left-wing people who now run Silicon Valley:

The third potential avenue of remedy is under principles of fraud. Most users of Facebook, Twitter,  Google, when they use those services they don’t envision they’re participating in a biased fora— they believe that when they speak they people that choose to follow them will hear what they say and there are distressing pieces of evidence that suggest that’s not the case.

The fraud of the tech giants is widespread, and every dominant platform in existence today abuses its power to terminate the accounts of users who exercise their free speech rights about issues like abortion, border security, vaccines, natural health, anti-cancer foods, President Trump and other topics.

In truth, the left-wing tech giants simply ban all speech that radical Leftists don’t like.

This is all on top of the bombshell story that broke yesterday, revealing internal Google memos that prove the tech giant is running a massive criminal enterprise based on “news blacklists” which target conservative, Christian websites. “[T]hese internal memos … describe the manual process whereby Google selectively de-lists news websites that focus on conservative content, natural health and vaccine awareness information, among other topics,” Natural News reported yesterday.

Sen. Ted Cruz deserves tremendous support for having the courage to face off against the evil tech giants. Notably, there isn’t a single Democrat senator who now stands up for free speech. Not one. And most Republican senators are bought off by the tech companies and Big Pharma. Ted Cruz is fighting for your right to speak, which is essentially equivalent to your right to exist in a hyper-connected civilization where your online presence is your “existence.”

Call your representatives in Washington: Demand support for the Sen. Cruz proposals to break up and tech giants and end their legal immunity

Take action today to fight back against tech censorship. Call your representatives in Washington and urge them to support the Sen. Cruz proposals:

  1. Reform CDA Sec. 230 and end legal immunity for Big Tech unless they honor the First Amendment.
  2. Support antitrust efforts to investigate, prosecute and potentially break up the tech monopolies.
  3. Urge the federal government to criminally prosecute the tech giants for fraud.

The phone number for the capitol switchboard is 202-224-3121. Call that number once for each of your senators, and make sure your voice is heard. Then call your congressional representative and urge them to take action, too.

If we don’t stop the censorship of big tech, America will rapidly descend into a techno-fascist regime run by radical left-wing thought police. In fact, we’re there right now, but we have a window of opportunity to reverse these crimes against humanity and unleash free speech once again.

This can only be accomplished by defeating the tech giants, which have become the most evil fascist regimes in the world. That’s why I have repeatedly called for the criminal prosecution of Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) and the other corrupt leaders of Google, Facebook, etc. These individuals are running a criminal enterprise and can be prosecuted under RICO Act racketeering laws.

Exercise your right to access human knowledge

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Most importantly, STOP using Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, as they are all spying on you while censoring content they don’t want you to see.


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