Google now interfering in elections OUTSIDE the U.S. to install Leftists who worship at the altar of a globalist world controlled by tech giants

Not content to undermine the democratic process in the United States by censoring pro-American, pro-individual liberty, and pro-Constitution voices, tech giant Google has taken its ballot influence operations international.

In recent days, the top election court in the country of Brazil has accused Google of manipulating search results in order to cast a negative light on President Jair Bolsonaro, who is considered to be his country’s version of POTUS Donald Trump.

Brazil’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) has fined Bolsonaro’s Left-wing opponent, Fernando Haddad, for contracting with Google to manipulate search results during the country’s recent election. 

According to a translation of a story by the Brazilian press, the fine was issued by TSE Edson Fachin “for an irregular boost of content unfavorable to” Bolsonaro, who won the election anyway.

In issuing the fine against Haddad, the TSE cited Google documents proving that the Leftist presidential contender hired the tech behemoth in order to improperly boost a website called, “The Truth about Bolsonaro,” so that it would appear at the top of Google pages. The page, obviously, contained unflattering information about the populist candidate including “negative excerpts from a report in The New York Times” (how shocking that the NYT would publish an unflattering story about a populist Brazilian presidential contender in the mold of our own president).

The TSA panel concluded that the search boost amounted to an abuse of Brazilian electoral laws by causing “an imbalance” between the candidates. 

Haddad’s campaign countered that the website boosted by the manipulated Google search algorithms only contained “reproduction of widely publicized journalistic material, which provide [information] unfit to unbalance the electoral contest.”

But Fachin wasn’t buying that since, you know, paid manipulations are paid manipulations and those aren’t permitted under Brazilian electoral law, regardless of the outcome of the race.

“Contrary to what the representatives say, it was not only the reproduction of widely disseminated journalistic material, given that not even the material was reproduced, but of several highlights attributed to the aforementioned newspaper matter, sometimes authored by the website itself, containing unfavorable criticism and offensive to the opposing candidate,” Facin wrote, according to the translation.

The fine was double what the contract was for, according to the Brazilian press report.

A day of reckoning is needed

Bolsonaro blew of Haddad’s denials, noting, “The maxim on the Left repeats itself: They accuse what they do, they curse what they are.” (Related: CEOs of Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube should all be going to prison over complicity with the Russia collusion hoax.)

Fachin did not, however, hold Google accountable. He claimed that since the tech behemoth canceled the contract after being notified it was illegal, that got them out of hot water.

But should it have? Considering that Google is global and has been for years, the company has a small army of lawyers who are paid to be familiar with a country’s laws. It stretches credulity that Google had no idea manipulating search results in favor of one political candidate over another wasn’t legal in Brazil, a massive country in our own hemisphere.

And again, it was a presidential race, not some local mayoral contest.

As Google becomes richer, more powerful, and more pervasive throughout the world, the company will continue to use its power to oppose pro-freedom, pro-liberty, pro-individualist leaders and their policies in order to promote and to elect globalist leaders who seek to destroy the nation-state concept.

Meanwhile, when the company is exposed for the icon of anti-democratization that it has become, its executives will simply slink off into the night unscathed, in search of their next opportunity to destroy freedom.

Like Microsoft, Facebook, and George Soros, Google reaps the benefits of capitalism while seeking to impose socialist tyranny on the masses. A day of reckoning is needed.

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