New Zealand mass shooting now being used to justify banning all chat boards, consolidating speech in the hands of the “authoritative” media giants

In the wake of the revelation that the mass shooting that took place at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand may have actually been a contrived act of terrorism committed by an attention-seeking nihilist intentionally trying to “troll” the public, some on the Left are now calling for chat boards like 4chan to be completely shut down as the solution to what they perceive as the “problem” of online free speech.

A man named Thomas Wictor recently posted a video positing his theory that the deranged killer in this latest mass shooting incident isn’t actually a racist, nor is he anti-Muslim. Instead, Wictor contends that, based on the information contained in the guy’s published manifesto that many mainstream news outlets are now trying to censor, he was merely seeking the attention and approval of his friends.

“People need to understand what this was,” Wictor explains.

“This was not an act by a ‘white supremacist.’ This was not an act of someone who is anti-immigrant. If you read the manifesto, you see that this was history’s first ‘trolling’ mass murder. He was not angry. He was motivated entirely by nihilism. He has no values whatsoever. The manifesto shows it absolutely clearly.”

Was Brenton Tarrant’s goal simply to mock the media and public?

If Wictor’s observations are accurate, then this would mean that Brenton Tarrant, the suspect in question, purposely wrote conflicting information in his manifesto as a form of mockery against the mainstream media. It would also suggest that his primary goal wasn’t actually to commit mass murder per se, but simply to get a laugh for pulling off this horrific stunt.

“He sees this act as a joke,” Wictor says about the killer. “In the manifesto, he makes several statements that are designed to mock any attempt to make sense of what he did. And that’s the hallmark of the jokester nihilist.”

“The prime minister and the police chief are expressing their horror – this makes trolls laugh. They’re all laughing. The mass murderer walked into a mosque full of unarmed people, and stood in the middle of the room and just unloaded magazine after magazine into huddling people.”

Mainstream media admits Tarrant’s manifesto appears to have been “meant to troll”

Even The Atlantic wrote a story about how Tarrant’s manifesto was “meant to troll,” meaning it was never supposed to make sense, nor was it designed to give an accurate indication of any type of motive beyond simply giving a giant middle finger to whomever he was trying to troll.

“He had no situational awareness,” Wictor says. “He said afterward that he was in a ‘firefight.’ A firefight is when people shoot back at you. Nobody was shooting at him. He dropped his weapon. He dropped his magazines. He was a buffoon.”

Whatever the case may be, Tarrant’s actions are already spurring Leftist jackboots into a frenzy over online free speech, including in New Zealand where the 4chan message board is now completely blocked from view. Internet users who attempt to access the site from a New Zealand-based IP address are greeted with the message:

“The URL has been blocked for security reasons.”

“As someone who has had to spend a lot of time on 4chan and 8chan tracking threats of violence, both websites should be shut down,” tweeted Ella Dawson, a senior social media editor for TED Talks.

“I don’t know how, just do it. Just get rid of them. They have no redeeming value. They are a breeding ground for hatred and violence.”

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